Claims and Moving

by Mar 22, 2023Uncategorized

Cost control is critical in our industry; with competition coming from all angles, labor ratios, material and equipment costs can severely affect the bottom line. Insurance plays a key role in any moving organization; liability issues can price agents out of the game altogether. Accidents can and will happen, no moving agent will ever be totally free of all accidents, but measures can be taken to reduce or prevent:

Damage to furniture Damage to a residence Damage to your workers

How has your season gone? Have you, like most agents, added new workers to your crew lineup, and how did they fit in? Did lead people devote time every job to inform and instruct these workers as to what was expected of them?

Basic protocols to teach correct padding in residence as to allow the correct mechanical means, with the right manpower, used over floor and doorway protection, can eliminate many problems. How much does it cost per claim on furniture or residence? Does $300.00-$500.00 sound about right? How much does it cost to steam clean a residence because one room can’t be cleaner than all the rest? Tear a couch, dent a refrigerator, gouge a floor, the meter is running. Another phenomenon can also occur, has anyone witnessed “piling on” of claims; it seems at times that once one claim occurs, others just materialize out of the blue, often trivial, but all of them add up in the loss column.

Today’s customer is more informed and many research ways to pursue claims long after the move, it pays liability wise to walk through after the move, removing any hazards or inspecting for any potential claims down the road such as torn or crushed cartons, unexplained hardware, etc. Do you have any documentation that acknowledges all services were performed to the customer’s satisfaction? Is there any follow up by CSR’s with the customer post-move?

Hands on” training is great, but do you totally expose your skilled workers with new workers that have no idea of what they are doing? What do you pay for a trip to the emergency room? Can you put a price on your workers safety? How many “green” workers pass through your ranks every summer? Many of us take for granted the skills it took us years to acquire, can we speed this process up for our own sake?