Consistency in the Field

by Mar 7, 2023Uncategorized

One of the measures of success for the service industry is consistency. Defined as harmony of parts, consistent service is dependent on human behavior and the ability to follow a predictable path or pattern. Unless the service providers are psychic, they must be familiar with not only the process required, but also with the role in which they will be providing such service.

I have recently employed social media to ask providers in several different groups on LinkedIn, “What do you do for training?” and the responses varied from “YouTube”, to “in the field”, to “none”. I find this hard to believe in this day and age that one would rely on a 6 minute video, or the ability to teach a lesson on the clock while a customer is waiting. I come from a large system with a huge investment in training and they are the number one service provider in the country, there is a reason for that.

Training should address skills, safety and customer service; it needs to measure retention both in the classroom and in the field. Training should also claims issues before disciplinary action can cost you a valuable employee. Does “YouTube” offer this? How efficient can training be when not applied in a consistent manner.

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