Testing as a Pre-Hire Requisite

by Feb 1, 2023Uncategorized

Many agents this spring will be hiring new workers to fill out their crew requirements. The economy being what it is, will likely drive many workers into the arms of your HR department, who do you hire? Obviously many of you will require a clean background check as well as a clean drug screen. A driver’s license would probably help and a commercial license would be better.

What if you could verify some aptitude in regards to the actual skills you would be requiring? If all your applicants were required to pass a actual test following an orientation, you would at least have some understanding of the applicants ability to understand your requirements prior to hiring.

Some staffing agents already require some sort of dexterity testing, office positions require some sort of demonstration of office equipment, why aren’t you using some sort of test material to verify a basic knowledge of skills?

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