The Other 80 Percent

by Feb 22, 2023Uncategorized

In the past I have written posts directed towards improved performance in the moving and restoration industry. As professionals we are responsible for safe, efficient, and customer friendly service. The fact is though we only get involved with about 20% of folks moving, or when an event such as fire, flood, mold or another tragedy befalls members of the general public. On average American’s move every eight years. Given our current population, 320 million, that equals approximately 40 million people moving this year. 8 million of these people will involve a professional mover, but what about the other 32 million?

Now, when we discuss these numbers, they will not refer to individual moves. They reflect population norms only. While a great many of the 80% may be moving only a few selected items in the back of their own personal vehicle, a great many will rent larger vehicles and gather their own labor and rely on brute strength, goodwill, and a lot of luck to pull off their relocation. This is how UHAUL, Penske, Ryder, Enterprise, Budget, and various other truck rental suppliers affect the moving marketplace. Many of these folks are following the “strong back and weak mind” philosophy that the moving industry realized was not effective in the moving industry many, many years ago. Often these “self-movers” can suffer injuries, residential damage, contents damage, or just flat frustration halfway through their “adventure”.

Real Estate Agents as well as Property Managers are involved daily with these adventures and till now, there was little they could offer in the way of guidance other than to recommend movers or other various service providers like POD’s or ABF “self-load” or any other variety of transportation services. The simple fact is: “These folks are going to do this themselves and no mover is going to get a piece of this project”.

These “self-movers” will crack driveways, trash carpeting, gouge doors, rub vehicles or discover how tall trucks are compared to tree limbs, push their friends to the brink of collapse, and destroy some of their personal property. Many of these moves would have been better off being performed by professionals following industry standards. But as I mentioned earlier, these adventurers have moved themselves many times before, (not taking into account they have accumulated more, as well as their destination may have difficult delivery conditions) and feel the coming move will present few challenges. These are the ones scratching their head at 8 PM, wondering where it all went wrong?

What if we could give them a heads up prior to this occurring? What if they could get a better view of the “big picture” regarding the steps involved with a safer, more efficient move? What if they understood the value of having background verified help, or why we in the moving industry go through so many pads, or what a padded hand truck or 4 wheel dolly adds to the moving effort? Why we don’t track mud into a house because the floor is protected? How about using standard cartons to stream line loading? Mention that to the novice while they are gathering supermarket boxes with no tops and figuring out how many trash bags they can use to pack non-breakable items. Whether they would choose a mover or still elect to proceed on their own, knowing what might happen or what might be required could save on injuries, damage or grief.

Thomason Moving Training and Justice Pictures has a new tool to help in this effort, a brand-able “Self Move” video for Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, or members of local Chambers Of Commerce. Branding the video with your logo and contact information shows that you care about the moves of your clients and potential clients. It presents the videos as if you had them professionally produced through your company.

Moving companies could also brand the videos and post on their web-site. Although it might show professional moving techniques to the self-mover, it will also show how involved the effort is, motivating consumers to hire a professional moving company instead… essentially showing how the sausage is made.

In the same way the ‘self-move’ video would educate the consumer, showing the extent that a moving company goes to in protecting valuables. Consumer would see the value in what moving companies charge for their services saying, “Now that you know to what extent we go through, you can still choose to move yourself, or hire us to get the job done.”

If there is any interest please contact us, and remember that service rendered in a time of need is some of the best service available. Moving can be very stressful. It pays to reduce stress, injuries, and damage.